What the heck happened?

Wow! It has been an exceptionally long time since I've written a blog. In fact, when I changed hosting sites... erm - a while ago, all my previous blogs were taken down. I've thought multiple times about resharing some of those interviews and I still might do that. There was some great stuff in there!

Moving on!

A belated Hello, 2020. As in Hell-oh, 2020. I picture the scene of a kid kicking a can around aimlessly before giving it a final wallop against the brick wall and running off to go home. 2020 is the kid and we're the can. He eventually has to go home. Where's his mama, anyway?

Come get your child!

But on the serious side...

During these last few months, I've talked to lots of folks about their feelings regarding what this year has brought us. It's been hard for us all in some way or another. Losing loved ones, jobs, homes, our sense of freedom, and, in some cases, our minds. The world is currently unrecognizable.

The number of HOT TOPICS, though. C'mon!

I'm pretty passionate and opinionated like most people, but I don't want to alienate anyone, so I'm going to stay in the middle of the road here. After all, this is my author site. I save all my best debating for my personal Facebook page. *wink*

I'm not gonna lie, though. Some folks are hard to put up with. I will never be able to share a certain meme. The one that says... I haven't unfriended anyone over a difference of opinion. Bet you can't share this!

Yep, they are correct. I can't share it.


Because I have a right to my sanity and if another person is posting inflammatory things that's toxic to my well being then we have to part ways. At least on Facebook. You know people don't usually spout the same nonsense when you run into them at the grocery store. I can handle them face to face. It doesn't mean I don't care about them. If I see them broke down, I'll stop to give them a jump. If they're hungry, I'll feed them. Now some people I can manage to hit the good ol' Facebook "snooze" button on. One guy is on this third snooze. I figure he'll calm down after the election. I hope.

But for real...

People, let's not lose our humanity. Make an extra effort to be kind. Withhold your judgements. Don't let the media in your head, steering your thoughts, and guiding your emotions. Detoxes do wonders! I double-dog dare you to unplug!


And Guys!

Remember that you're not right about everything and neither is everyone else. We can't afford to hate one another. Don't allow yourself to be identified as a person by a political party. You don't have to fit nicely in the party box on every issue. There shouldn't be one collective brain.

God gave each person their own for a reason. Use the darn thing! Use your heart while you're at it. Please! For the love of all that is truly holy - don't go throwing God into your mess if you lose yourself in the heat of battle. Own your actions all by yourself. Be planted by your roots, not bending whichever way the wind blows.

Look. I've gotten into some doozies of debates. Said things I shouldn't have. Might have imagined myself holding a few people over a balcony by their big toenail. You know it's a sin if you even think it so sometimes I wonder if I should have gone ahead and done it.

No. I would NEVER...

Almost never do that!

Step away and breathe as often as you need to. You're. Not. Always. Right.

I'm. NOT. Always. Right.

Okay, that was harder to type than I thought it would be.

Last few things... honesty, truth, facts. They're getting lost. Don't go sharing stuff if you haven't validated the information. Just because it's been reposted dozens of times doesn't mean it's trustworthy. First, it just makes you look dumber than a mountain climber trying to scale Everest in flip flops. Second, as if the first isn't bad enough, it makes you seem fake. Don't be an agenda pusher. Own what you share. Pour true love into your posts. I dare you. Life is too short. The last thing you wanna learn after you die that sharing false info is the same as lying...

You have to choose.



Has anyone actually met one of those murder hornets yet?